Nutritional Information About Honey

Honey can be used for many purposes. Check out some of the following applications where honey is used to help common ailments and conditions.

NASAL CONGESTION – Place a dessert spoon of honey in a basin of hot water. Inhale the fumes after covering your head with a towel over the basin.

POOR DIGESTION – Mix honey with an equal quantity of apple cider vinegar and dilute to taste with water. This mixture also helps relieve joint pain and promotes weight loss.

SORE THROAT – Let a teaspoon of honey melt in the back of the mouth and trickle down the throat. This eases raw tissues.

OSTEOPOROSIS – Research has shown that a teaspoon of honey per day aids calcium utilization which in turn prevents the onset of Osteoporosis.

COUGH SUPPRESSANT – Combine 6 ounces (170 grams) of liquid honey, 2 ounces (55 grams) of glycerin, and the juice of two lemons. Mix well, bottle and cork firmly. Use as required.

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