Maple Products

Maple Syrup

Our 100% pure maple syrup is available in a variety of sizes from a small 50 ml. maple leaf glass decanter to a 16 oz. jug. We offer four grades: Grade A: light, medium, dark, and extra dark. Grade choice is a matter of personal preference, not quality.

Grade Information

Maple Syrup

Bottles of Syrup*

8 oz Bottle: $9.50

12 oz Bottle: $12.50

16 oz Bottle: $14.50

Maple Leaf Decanters*

50 ml Decanter: $6.50

100 ml Decanter: $10.50

250 ml Decanter: $16.50

*Larger sizes available upon request

Marinades and Butters

Our Maple products make great marinades and butters.

Maple Marinade (for meats) $13.50 (16 oz.)
Maple Butter $12.00 (8 oz.)
Sweet Maple Farms (SMF) is committed to environmental stewardship. We only use recyclable glass containers to prevent the adverse effects plastics may have on our products.
We encourage our customers to return clean SMF glass containers for a $1 per container credit toward their next purchase.

For ordering information, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to serve you.

Phone: (319) 360-1028